Bonn Dance Camp 2017 II


Pre-Blackpool Education & Preparation Dance Camp


For Bonn Dance Camp 2017 II, the dance camp consists of

  • 2 DAYS for EDUCATION (15-16 May 2017)
  • 3 DAYS for PREPARATION (17-19 May 2017)

2 EDUCATION DAYS (15-16 May, 2017)

Learning in group classes to get more detailed information about dancing skills and ideas from the basic to the latest trends of dancing.

  • 5 Latin Group Lectures or Workshops / Day

3 PREPARATION DAYS (17-19 May, 2017)

Getting ready for your next competitions or events, developing & training your skills, learning how to organize and control your practicing plans.

  • Coached Workout/Practice (4 sessions / day)


  • Ralf Lepehne (Latin)
  • Slavik Kryklyvyy (Latin)
  • Karina Smirnoff (Latin)
  • Masami Suda (Latin)

Key Info At A Glance


15-19 (Mon-Fri) May 2017

15-16 May – Education Days
17-19 May – Preparation Days


Tanzschule Lepehne-Herbst Bonn

Kaiserstraße 63, 53113 Bonn, Germany

[View on Google Maps]


Regular Package:
€ 425,- EUROS / person

Single Days for Education*:
€ 200,- EUROS / person / day

Single Days for Preparation*:
€ 125,- EUROS / person / day

* Maximum fee for joining single days: € 425,- EUROS / person.

Private Lesson Fee:
Ralf, Slavik & Karina: € 135,- EUROS / Lesson (45 Mins)
Masami: € 110,- EUROS / Lesson (45 Mins)

Detailed Info

Dear Couples,

Since 14 years, Ralf Lepehne’s Bonn Dance Camp has been a premier environment for your growth as a dancer, accommodating private lessons, group lessons, workouts and practice space, etc. In 2015, we came up with a whole new structure of a dance camp– BEP Bonn Education & Preparation Dance Camp. We believe through this new formation of intensive lectures, practice & workout sessions, it will be more beneficial for you than ever.

During the dance camp, we make available a variety of information, opportunities and challenges for you to learn, practice and stimulate your development as dancers and competitors. For all of you that attend for the first time and those that are returning, we appreciate your dedication to learning and your participation to make this an extraordinary experience for all of us. We are looking forward to an exciting week and are pleased to have you with us. Welcome!

Please take a moment to confirm all private lesson requests and schedule within your package prior to the first group lesson.

Your co-operation and adherence to entry & payment deadlines is greatly appreciated as it helps us to best organize and focus on your dancing objectives. Again, we appreciate your patronage and wish you all the best for a successful and enjoyable camp!


Package = 5 days (15 – 19 May, 2017)

  • 15-16 May 2017 – Education Days – 5 Lessons of Latin Lectures / Day
  • 17-19 May 2017 – Preparation Days – 4 Coached Workout/Practice Sessions / Day

as well as opportunities for private lessons.

Private Lessons by Request and Availability Only:

  • RALF LEPEHNE (Latin)
  • MASAMI SUDA (Latin)

Fees for Private Lessons (45 Mins)

  • Ralf, Slavik & Karina – € 135,- EUROS / Lesson
  • Masami – € 110,- EUROS / Lesson

Important Reminders for Private Lessons:

  • The earlier you enter the camp, the higher priority you would have in scheduling private lessons.

The following hotels are the most convenient to the studio. Please contact them directly for booking.

  • Günnewig-Hotel Residence Bonn:[email protected]
  • Hotel Mercedes Garni: [email protected]
  • Hotel Löhndorf: [email protected]
  • Hotel Daufenbach:[email protected]
  • Airbnb: We suggest that you check rooms/apartments also on Airbnb (link) where you might find good options near the dance school with a reasonable price.

We would suggest that you confirm your reservation as soon as possible once you decide to join the camp.

15 April 2017

Dance Camp Package / Single Days / Private Lesson Fee must be PAID IN FULL in EURO cash upon registration.

€ 100 EUR0, Penalty for Any Late Payments

Cancellation Fees: 21 days prior 50%; 10 days prior 100%.

Coaches for Bonn Dance Camp 2017 II

Learn and Improve with Our World-Class Coaches.

Ralf Lepehne

World Latin Show Dance Champion. World, British Open & European Professional Latin Grand Finalist. German Professional Latin Champion. World renowned Coach, Lecturer and Adjudicator.

Slavik Kryklyvyy

Amateur World And European Champion / Blackpool Champion / Professional finalist of all comps

Karina Smirnoff

Professional Latin Champion / Finalist in Blackpool, UK Open, US Open, Dutch Open, The International Championships, Imperial, Embassy Ball, Asian Open and other major comps.

Masami Suda

Japanese Professional Latin Champion 1996-2001. Studied under Donnie Burns and Gaynor Fairweather with over 15 years of Ballet training. Finalist, rising star competition in all of the major international championships. Semi- Finalist, London International and World Championship. Finalist, German Open Championships

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